I got married at age 24. I’ve never felt restrained by that decision, only liberated. Now 29,
10 Habits That Change Boys Into Men
Benjamin P. Hardy

I’d like to say 3 things about this article:

  1. I NEVER read articles organized as “X# of things such and such should do to become fabulous…” I read this one on auto-pilot, falling asleep, because it was in my feed. I fully and cynically expected to re-affirm my reasons for never reading these things. I was caught off guard — This was an exceptionally insightful article, with suggested points of focus/change that, while they might not all apply to everyone, each have something of value to offer someone who is struggling, or who is trying to help someone who is struggling. But mostly, all are real, grounded in reality. That is refreshing.
  2. Reading the comments, both here and all over the place, I have just this evening reached the point where I am tired as hell of people who dismiss everything and anything said in an essay if “it is presented without any evidence/documentation/proof.” Most people saying this don’t even know what ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’ refer to. That last sentence was asserted without any proof. If you want evidence, ask people what they mean. Sometimes, ideas have value without evidence that their premise is factual. That sort of data-driven evidence is appropriate for certain arguments about certain topics. But essays are not policy or proof. Value, insight, and truth can often be arrived at by contemplating ideas that are not in evidence. This only is problematic if there is an assertion of fact, and if factuality is an important context. One may, for example, contemplate God without evidence, and find much wisdom.
  3. I ALSO GOT MARRIED AT 24!! Congratulations. I am now 51. Never regretted, never considered another path. But it was not the commitment that was so valuable — it was the woman. Not the relationship, but the RELATING. Commitments are easy if you never have to think about it because there is nowhere else you’d rather be and no one else you’d rather be there with.

Take care, friend.

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