This is the terrible Achilles heel of pure text-based communication.

Knowing the lack of subtlety, it should be obvious that direct statements are preferable to literary devices when commenting online. I have found that misunderstandings online are usually the result of a commenter choosing to use language unfit for the medium, like subtle sarcasm, intentional hyperbole meant as an example of itself, or in this case, addressing the 2nd person pronoun (which in English is inherently prone to confusion, as we lack a singular/plural differential in the 2nd person).

Sky2fall would have been better received, and more to the point, had he/she simply said, “I agree — and here are some of the things I would suggest that an activist could/should be doing…”

Not trying to be the ‘language police’, I’m just responding to the call to action of the OP. I used to be an English teacher, and teaching people how to present ideas more clearly is one of the ways that I contribute to the cause.

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