Dude, you’re reading way too much into this.
Joe Borne

Maybe switch to decaf? Really? After your hyper-verbal ranting, you are actually going to tell someone else that they are too wound up?

My God, sir, you really are quite impressive.

As for reading too much into it, I propose that you consider the possibility that I am reading quite less into it than you wrote into it. If you do not wish for someone to read too much into your comment, then why in the 3rd sphere of hell would you write a novel-length rant?

And if you only meant the first two sentences for me, then why rant in a reply to my comment and use the 2nd person direct address pronoun? The American political left is not reading your response to me, only I am. No one else gives a shit what we are writing, because they think it’s a conversation between me and you. Everyone thinks that except you, apparently.

Compose your rant as an original post and publish it — that way I do not get a notification indicating a REPLY TO ME. Frankly, I have no interest in reading a snowflake wanker’s redundant and whiny diatribe about how the mean ol’ lefties are triggering you.

One last time, so it is clear to you: In a comment thread, a reply or response to a comment which uses the 2nd person “you” is, by convention and logic and by the basic premise of language known as “meaning,” directed at the person whose comment you are responding to. Thus, “you” is called the “2nd person direct address pronoun.” Any instance where this was not intended, but was taken as such, is the fault of the writer, not the reader. Which I would not usually be so annoyed with, except -

You make this fundamental error, and then, when your mis-written comment creates misunderstanding, you insult the reader and refuse to even acknowledge that you are an annoying little gadfly with no composition or social skills.

This is why the liberals trigger you. Because they are painfully smug little pricks who are nonetheless smarter and more decent human beings than the deplorables that make up the right wing base. And those smug little pricks seem to be getting more done after losing than Mr. Trump can get done after winning. And because it appears that the Republicans in Congress, who I had far more faith in and will likely end up with far less faith in, can’t actually draft a coherent piece of legislation that fulfills the desired outcome. And they are so stupid that they are tripping over themselves everyday in their attempt to defend this clown.

You want the liberals to shut up and act like losers. At this point, I hope they don’t.

There were good men running for President on the Republican ticket, and the racist, anti-elitist faction of the party chose an illiterate clown to represent America. And now, those in the party who I once respected are willing to let this narcissistic, dangerous buffoon stay in office because they fear that admitting they endorsed a traitorous, self-involved ignoramus will negate their ability to push their agenda. Little do they — or you — realize, with every day that goes by and that idiot does another stupid thing, you defenders of the indefensible are not only failing to get anything done, you are digging a grave for conservative views and policies, which will, when all this is done and the reality of what happened becomes clear, never again be respected or entertained as anything more than utter and absolute bullshit.

Put that in some lime and wank with it, tosser.

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