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The Lord never once — not once! — ever told you to hate.

You speak of Godly rebukes. And yet you would break a Commandment in the most heinous way possible : You bear false witness against the Lord Himself!! You claim that your hate is Godly, that your hate is “commendable in the eyes of the Lord.”

Where does the Lord say such a thing? When does the Lord imply such a thing?

How do you do this evil thing? Do you see yourself as equal, or superior to the Lord, such that you can say what He thinks is commendable, though He never said such a thing — and in fact, on many occasions, implied the contrary? (“Do not look to the mote in your brother’s eye,” “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” “What you do to the least of us, you do also to me…”)

You, sir, are a servant of the deceiver. The Lord will still not hate you. But you must already live in a horrible hell, knowing that you serve Satan.

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