“…and steal from the poor to give tax breaks to our richest neighbors and budget increases to a…
Dallas Dunlap

This is hogwash drenched in nonsense. An ideology with no connection to reality, stated as fact with no factual basis.

In reality, the vast majority of wealth held by tbe top 2% of Americans was not worked for, not earned. Much of it was in fact stolen, by extortion or fraud, sometimems recently, sometimes a generation or two back. Any capital gains ever gained by investing this stolen money is still the fruit of a poisoned tree, and rightfully is classified as stolen property.

Any money inherited is legal, but certainly not earned. Money ggained through modern specualtion algorithms is, essentially, stolen by electronic means. Increased stock values created by creative bookkeeping, legalized fraud perpetrated by banks, fake charities, government contracts with bloated executive pay, timber and minerals extracted from public lands through shady crony giveaways…

The list of all the so-called “white collar crimes” that rarely if ever are punished is too long to contemplate. The dollar amounts are nauseating. The collateral damage to people and institutions os incalculable.

And that money wasn’t countetfeited. It all came from someone else’s pocket.

Whenevet you feel like kissing rich asses, just think about, say, Mr. Peabody. He mined coal on public land granted to him by politicians who took kickbacks. He treated miners like disposable slaves. When they tried to quit and leave, the pinkertons would move in and force them back to work with a few broken bones.

Somebody(s) who never worked a day in tbeir lives, still has that money and much more no doubt. And you consider them to our superiors. They should all be audited, and any money got by criminal means or through invested criminal money should be confiscated



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