This is the best rebuttal to the 'anti-anti-Trump' denial of the reality of Russian influence on the election. These anti-antis will, it seems, do or say anything rather than admit that they were played by propaganda… or that they were actively spreading the propaganda.

The worst example of this is Michael Tracey. In the video linked below, Michael shows us that in order to demonstrate that he was not spreading fake news and trolling people to manipulate the responses he sought, he will gladly spread fake news and troll someone to manipulate the response he seeks. In the end, he succeeds only in revealing his own bias and dishonesty.

The fact that he is entirely incompetent and makes himself look stupid as well as dishonest and ethically bankrupt should not diminish the fact that this is what is considered journalism by TYT. What does this say about their ongoing criticism of the 'biased' mainstream media?

Trump also looks like a clown more often than not. That does not negate the danger he poses to our democracy.