Officer Griner was simply going above and beyond in her job,
Let Them Fucking Die
Son of Baldwin

This is the point where you fail to comprehend the reality of this person, and all who respond to those in danger or distress.

I can only assume that your words have a value beyond the literal meanings that I cannot comprehend : I am no writer, no poet, no politician. I am no social critic. That is your talent, perhaps your duty.

What you, in turn, cannot comprehend is that Officer Griner did not go “above and beyond.” While certainly not all police officers are as committed to their duty to protect and serve, those police officers, firefighters, emergency first responders of any kind who accept this duty, consider it to be a sacred trust.

Officer Griner did not go above and beyond. She did no more than her duty demanded of her.

To suggest, even as rhetoric, that someone could choose to not act on such a duty, to not live up to such a sacred trust, is a presumption that renders your rhetoric meaningless. Not because you don’t make a million valid points and speak a million truths. But because this duty, which I don’t expect you to understand, does not allow for such discrimination. And I mean that literally!:

In the seconds that separate a life-saving action from an exercise in 'too late' futility; in the line of fire or in a hazardous situation; there is no time to discern who is deserving and who is not. I cannot spare the attention and thought required to make such a judgement.

In my realm of duty — I am an open water search-and-rescue responder and instructor — b y the time I concluded that your life was worth saving, you would likely already have died.

Steve Scalise may not deserve any respect. I certainly do not respect him in the least. But Officer Griner derserves far more respect than you give her. I know it was not your intention to disrespect her or to dishonor her actions.

Perhaps you should at least attempt to speak with her, to get her view on this matter, before you use her honorable service as an example, even if only rhetorical, of what should not be done. In all likelihood, she would tell you the same thing :

A duty to respond to imminent danger does not allow for the time or attention necessary to assess whether those in peril deserve to be saved or not.

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