Israeli Authorities Bar Women Reporters From Covering Trump
Michael Tracey

This upsets you. But while you are bashing the MSM for ignoring this ‘atrocity,’ I have not seen you once, this entire year, write about the un endin g bullshit happening to people here in your own country.

You obsessively write ten million articles in shrill denunciation of tbe slightest suggestion that Russia hacked the DNC. But how many Mexican immigrants whose husband or mother was deported have you interviewed? How many DACA dreamers have you wriyten about? How often do you speak with BLM activists about their struggles?

I guess the actual stress and disruption and fear of violence many Americans are experiencing is insignificant when compared to the trauma you endure if someone, somewhere, thinks that Comey was partly to blame for Hillary’s loss…

Your disdain for the MSM is like the 3 stooges…

You know, I was about to offer an analogy, but I realized that just thinking of you as the 3 stooges of journalism was more generally funny and applicable.

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