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Wait. Let’s follow this logic.

Illegal immigrants are a slave class.

This is so because they have no equal opportunity, no equal protection and work for next to nothing.

ok. so far i agree.

then- they don’t have the same rights. yep.

then- they can’t have the same rights. why not? What does “can’t” mean? is there an insurmountable obstacle?

you explain thus “For any number of reasons illegal immigrants will never be the same as regular citizens and any discrepancy essentially makes them a “slave class.””

What reasons? why “never”? Can’t we pass laws that allow them to have, or earn these rights? can’t we enforce minimumwage laws, for example, for these people?

The logic of “can’t” and “will never” is failing to have integrity.

you also say “democrats trying to make it so will never make it equal.”

why not? if democrats are trying to make it so, then why is iit not so?

and then you say the democrats are supporting this slavery. and thus are doing the opposite of what they claim. and this, to you, is typical liberalism.

but but but…if the dems are trying to make things equal, but they can’t, then why can’t they? is this a natural phenomenon, or … are there people out there who are making it so it “can’t” be amd “will never” be??

And, gee, if there are slaves, and they are laboring for next to nothing, who is using this labor and paying next to nothing?

Your logic asserts tbat a grpup of people are being enslaved, and then blames this on a group that you say is trying to end the slavery. It is their fault, you say, because they are not expelling the slaves.

And your logic is not logic, because you fail to mention, in assessing blame for slavery, THE FUCKING SLAVERS!!


There is no can’t. nor “will never”.

Tbere is people like you, who spend your political will fighting to keep these people unequal, and you do so in support of tbe slavers who insist on using them and paying nothing.

you would probably blame slavery AND murder on an abolishonist who is killed by a slaver, because he got himself killed and left that slave suffering.

your logic “will never” be anything but the deflecting propaganda of an evil man with a demonic agenda. You are in tbe sservice of the great deceiver. no matter how much ypu try, you “can’t” hide it. The devil is a liar.. he tells you that if you serve him by spreading deception, no one will see. But in this, he deceives you! that is his nature, and you are a fool — because we all see you, and we know you are a minion of Satan.