I wish conservative approach was still popular, pun intended.
Jane Doe, programmer

We should have seen that coming-and so many other things. Ten years ago and more, a certain segment of the Infowars intelligentsia were beginning to demonize “political correctness.” Their main premise was that the PC Liberals were not content with simple brainwashing; they were changing the very way we think by redefining the language in often opposite ways. Thus, you should never trust even a staunch “Conservative” if tbey should even suggest tempering one’s hatred of Non-Whites, Gays, and PC Liberals.

And once you establish or define someone as a PC liberal, you must never again trust a single word they say, because they only and always lie.

This was stated overtly on several sites i discoverex. Even at the time, I realized that there were certain sites where memes seemed to be created and tested, and the ones that eengendered the desired responses would, again and again, begin to appear all over the web and saturate the system within weeks.

I feel shitty- I watched in amused fascination, studying the syntax usage across several blogs and chat boards for a year or more, until it became repetitive and no longer held any academic interest and was no longer amusing.

It just seemed so stupid, I never even considered that it would grow beyond a fringe element. How fucking wrong I was!

Of course, there was precious little — likely nothing — I could do. I assume many people saw this coming, and lived in dread, unable to find a way to push back, or contain the outbreak.

I will try to find thos URLs and post them tomorrow, if anyone is interested. I might even be able to find a few of tbe discussions from the ‘’focus group' meme tester blog, if it has not been moved..

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