Reminder: Chelsea Manning Was Twice Driven To Suicide By A Regime That Tortures Whistleblowers
Caitlin Johnstone

You know nothing about torture or solitary confinement. You also know nothing about military justice and discipline. You are certainly free to write about things you know nothing about; but it might be better if you stuck to reporting facts and refrained from talking shit about things you know nothing about.

When you have experienced torture, solitary confinement, or served in a voluntary military, tell us all about primates and packs and permanent psychological damage. Until then, learn to be a journalist. Journalists report on events. They often quote those with knowledge and experience of such events. They do not, or should not, pretend to have such knowledge or experience when clearly they do not.

You think you are passing yourself off as being an advocate for Ms. Manning. You are not. You are using her, and it is transparent. You are sensationalizing one aspect of her experiences in order to boost your own image as some sort of anti-establishment guru. It is a cynical and selfish pretense; if you actually gave a shit about this young woman, you would be ashamed to use her and abuse her for your own agenda.

Yes, I said abuse. It is abusive to publicly project your own ideas of pain and torture and damage on another person and present these fabrications as though they actually represent that person. If you want to describe a person’s psychological damage, ask them for an interview and allow them to speak for themselves.

To take such a person as Ms. Manning, and fabricate a story about her state of mind and her experiences that fits your desired narrative, so that you can pretend to be her advocate, is about as low as you can go. She is nothing to you but an opportunity to advance yourself.

I doubt that you even stopped to think aabout the fact that she is an actual, real human being before you wrote this tripe.

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