Opening An Old TurtleCoin® Wallet

If you’re having a problem opening an old wallet, let’s see if we can help…

Step #1

First, you can try using zedwallet from v0.28.3 found at

If step #1 didn’t work:

Try zedwallet from v0.20.0 found at

Step #2

Once you get the wallet open, it will not be able to sync using these older versions but after it times out you should be able to export or backup your keys. Do so now.

Step #3

With your wallet keys in hand, head on over to to get the latest copy of zedwallet and restore your wallet using the new version.


You can speed up the syncing process if you know when you created your wallet by scanning from a specific height. See for more information.

Step #4

Check on Discord, take a listen to the podcasts, actively follow the project, and be ready to participate in the v2 swap coming in the spring of 2022. You will be required to swap your coins to the new chain at that time.

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