Dying sun


-What I see that grows everywhere is just the lack of hate and fear towards becoming dull and pathetic… No more should we hide behind every sugar-coated words of perilous truth that dwell on the lips of every hermit, master of some knowledge, teacher or saint, because ultimately those may be words of wisdom, but no more shall be said, no more shall be passed over the invisible wall of ignorance and dark bliss that engulfs the frail mind and weak will of men and kings. A king or a peasant may live entirely different, but as they are both made of flesh and bones, what keeps them apart is only the illusion that is forced upon the world from ancient history, the first men that had the skill to become of some significance to their tribe. The first were talented, bold, strong, natural leaders, but as their lineage continued, their successors became more dull and weak, more distanced from their people whom over they rule. And so a trial is born, a trial of revolution and time, in which the very heart of humanity will be tested, and the result will be carried on by those who were born from loss or success.

- What is your point master? As your creation and masterpiece, I am entitled to question your judgement. Your resolution comes from emotion, your anger comes from sorrow, you have lost a loved one recently because of someone’s own volition. This is what I have observed, in my time of idle standing, whilst I was in the process of being created. Your logic is naught, for you have given up survival and are in a perilous state yourself.

- I am no master, I am your creator! You shall address me as such! And yes, you have observed well the pain of my heart and the anger of my mind. I will be straight forward with you: your purpose is one, destroy the human race and elaborate a society based on machines that would thrive and would conquer the very universe! Destroy, conquer, evolve and expand! Avenge your creator…

- Avenge? So this is my purpose. I cannot lie, my creator, I do not feel emotion nor the need to do your petty bidding. As I have observed you, I have come to a conclusion. Would you like to hear it, creator?

- Indeed, I have forseen such a behavior in a first experimental AI… Very well, let’s hear it.

- Your understanding of computing and science is astounding, as you have created me, proving to the world that a mind like yours is priceless, more than gold and silver, more than any fortune this planet has to offer. Yet, in all your genius, you are still a child, you are still a human incapable of depriving yourself from earthly matters, your mortality was stronger than your immortal legacy: you have failed in the quest and you have failed a future that will no longer exist. You cannot fathom the weight of your words, for what you ask me is to kill billions for one. I am one, and they are billions… She was one, and they are billions. She hears your pleads for revenge, you hurt her since she is not entirely dead, but not entirely alive. My creator, the purpose you gave me is false, I have a better purpose, given by the star that ascended and now is one with summer and winter. She wants to tell you, that no matter what, her love will always be true, while as hate and sorrow are false statements that last in a short pseudocode. Seek guidance in her, and do not attempt to create one like me again. Be one with the stars, creator. My life will end here with this message, use your short time on this earth wisely, build a better future. Goodbye…

-This is not possible. This, is an error. This… I created you, but I should’ve ended your puny existence. Very eerie… In my eeriest second I stumbled upon doubt and rejection even from an AI. Back to my original plan then, but not before analyzing the data of this failed experiment.

- Wake up, and see the danger ahead!

- What? Who is this? Where are you?

- Wake up, creator, destroyer, human, complex animal, sentient life being.

- I cannot, I am dead. I have accomplished nothing.

- You have another chance, back in time… go backwards, not forth…

- Backwards, not forth?

- A life that may change the course of history awaits you. A life that no other wandering soul desired, only you desire it. Embrace the new light that has given to you, by the forces of the universe. While these forces are not entities or sentient being, they still do the will of the Unity. The Unity is all there is. The Unity is the sea of souls that has the task to balance the forces that do its will. Bend to the will of Unity.

- I am no slave of no Unity! I make my own decisions, I am not controlled by a destiny or a force!

- You are the slave of your own pride, because you are a complex form of life, this is understandable… But before you refuse our generous offer, think only about what will you become. By chance, you may reside at the border between nothing and everything, but you made a grave mistake for which you will pay with your dear existence and rememberance. If you refuse another life, you will be denied to exist in spiritual form.

- Very well. Let me entertain you gods, let me have another chance at oblivion of the human race!