How to Get Any Job You Want (even if you’re unqualified)
Raghav Haran

Raghav Haran: Thanks for the story, I can relate to those experiences you describe, although I live in Mexico, it all comes down to the ability to make yourself noticed or sell yourself or (even better) needed.

I can recall a similar exercise a few years ago when I applied for a position in sales (POS, Point Of Sales terminals) where I designed a report from scratch downloading public statistical info about how many people lived in this town and compared it to the number of POS working in the area. So I obtained a ratio which was (strikingly) low and determined the kind of users I could get to hire their services.

Long story short, I was their second o their list — without having any previous experience in the field — and made me an offer which sadly was too low, I even got a second call form them few moths later just to see “if was still interested”.