First attempt at a VR Experience — Part 1 of a series

In a land far far away, two years ago, there were 4 young ones who had the whole galaxy spread out in front of them and thought nothing could stop them from claiming everything as their own.

While all of the other kids were going through with their mundane quotidian life, the self-titled “chosen” ones, decided that even though the technology of their time limit their inter-galactic space travel plans, they could make a virtual world for everyone to experience and break this cursed monotone routine.

It all began as an admiration of gaming as an art and an avid interest in all things gaming,reading loads of sci-fi and mystery novels and a whole lot of respect and interest for all things comic and anime! With VR one of the most intriguing thing around us, however low the odds of success may be, we decided that we’d learn and make a VR experience all in a time period of 4 months! (Yeah, that’s how long we get for making a final semester project)

“person using black VR Headset in front of computer” by Eddie Kopp on Unsplash

Fuelled by our drive to make our dream a reality, we frantically began our search for knowledge about all that be in the mystical world of VR.

Sadly, just like in this post, reality struck hard and the chosen ones had to regroup and face the music.

The first obstacle we faced, was the chasm between what we had envisioned and what was possible with our funding constraints. Fuelled by our winnings in a local gaming competition and measly pocket money, we soon realized that the space pirates would have to start off in a rickety boat instead of a cruiser. So we all agreed that we’d make a mobile VR experience(android focused as we didn’t have an iPhone to test it on).

Next, was the dilemma on deciding who was going to be what on our ship! To decide on what job each member would carry out, was surprisingly not too hard! As none of us knew anything, we decided on deciding a key part of the ship( game) we’d focus on individually.Through a rigorous challenge of who can hold their best in an assorted competition of brawls(Tekken) and a bit of football(Fifa) and some unanimous voting, we decided on the roles. I was to be the lookout and the cap’n, to help smooth out the decisions(level-design) and the engineering(scripting) of our VR project. Next up was the daunting task of creating assets for the project, which were to be the foundation of the project. All of us decided that it’d be better if all of us threw in to clean the decks and made the assets.

With this decided we began building our rickety ship, with the first step being the crafting of the “Ship’s Blueprint(can i call it the Going Merry?)(Yeah, it’s the Game Design Document)

Stay tuned for the next issue which would focus on the game design document and the issues we faced throughout the process! It might include some sample assets we created for our experience. This was our second project together so we were way too rough with the process, but what journey isn’t?

Would it be good if i shared some early drafts of the GDD here? Might be a bit pointless with all the slangs and jargon we used but it’d be interesting i reckon!
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