Visualforce to Lightning; How to start

Hi Everyone, We all aware of that #Lightning strikes. Lightning is the latest technology in Salesforce playground and the future as well. Lightning supports all the Major functionality you name it and Lightning got it.

Salesforce also pushing it more than ever as a Salesforce Developer we should move to Lightning. From past many years we are working from Visualforce and apex and we are comfortable with them. Sometime it’s hard to come out of comfort zone but Lightning is the thing which will make us to come out to our comfort zone.

But the main problem remains same how we can update our existing code to use the best of Lightning so today I am going to share some tips to make this transaction much easy.

1. Code Code Code: As a developer we always write code to make yourself comfortable with any language. The same rule applies to lightning as well. Once you start writing code in Lightning you will realize that how much it is easy to write code in lightning. Also its gives you faster performance and once you started the flow everything looks like a piece of cake. So my first tips start writing code in Lightning.

2. Trailhead: Trailhead is super tool provided by Salesforce. A best Developer always how to best use the available tools. There are many trails which you can start either go with Develop for Lightning Experience or Lightning Components Basics. There are many good trails available as well to start your Journey.

3. You can also write Lightning code using IDE eg: Eclipse, Mavensmate so you don’t need to write all your code in Developer console and worry about code loss. You can keep the offline backup to prevent any damage as lightning is supported in all edition so you can easily signup for a new Developer Edition org and start working on this. So you don’t need to worry about data loss or any mess-up. So feel free and start the development.

4. Community: A great community is always a good support for every language and also for the developers who are working on that language or technology. Salesforce also a large user base and a great community which you can trust because they will always back you in always your trouble. If you face any trouble or just stuck somewhere you can take help from Salesforce Stack Exchange, or the Salesforce Developer forum. They are always a great help. If you go through SFSE and access the lightning tag then you will find some great question which will help you in get started.

5. Dreamforce: You might be thinking why I have mentioned Dreamforce here but trust me you can find many helpful tutorials watching through Dreamforce videos. Salesforce made many new announcements on Dreamforce and Lightning is on top priority so in Dreamforce talent from all around the world share their knowledge with the world and you can take help from this just watching their videos and update your knowledge.

So I hope you all can start with Lightning now. So go and start writing the code. May the Force be with you :)