In Decrypt Asia’s second episode, we speak to Sukrit Khatri, an ICO advisor with Kenetic Capital. Kenetic is a Hong Kong based ICO advisory firm as well as a Blockchain Venture Capital and Crypto fund which has worked with well known projects such as GBX, Bluzelle and AirSwap.

Tune in to hear about:

  1. Sukrit’s career transition from banking to the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  2. The activities that Kenetic Capital is involved with
  3. Roles and responsibilities of an ICO advisor
  4. The pivotal role that a strong community backing a project can play
  5. Different stages of an ICO advisory project
  6. Sukrit’s…

In Decrypt Asia’s first episode, we speak to Martin Lim, COO of Electrify about how their team is developing a smart contract Electricity Marketplace 2.0 on the Blockchain.

Based out of Singapore, Electrify recently concluded a very successful ICO raising 30m USD.

Tune in to hear about:

  1. Martin’s journey in the Blockchain space and the Energy industry
  2. Overview of the changes happening in the electricity industry
  3. How Electrify plans to use the Blockchain technology and smart contracts to make a more transparent and efficient electricity marketplace
  4. Role of the native token ELEC
  5. Martin’s learnings from the ICO journey
  6. Martin’s outlook…

Decrypt Asia is community of learners, seekers and doers in a post-Bitcoin world, eager to be a part of the greatest technological revolution of our lifetimes since the Internet.

We aim to decode and demystify the Asian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem by producing educational notes and interviewing multiple stakeholders in this field.

Each week, we speak to investors, entrepreneurs, technologists and industry insiders to understand their work, philosophy, thought process and vision for the future.

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Tushar Aggarwal

Podcaster at Decrypt Asia

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