3D is the future of the web — we’re making it happen

Humans have evolved to interact with and understand our 3D world. 3D interfaces are hugely appealing and intuitive to us, but right now the web is stuck in two dimensions. The main barrier to widespread use of 3D is the enormous cost and time required to build 3D content.

We see beautiful 3D demos in augmented and virtual reality, but hidden behind them is a team of artists who are generating a very limited number of models for flagship items at significant cost. While it takes less than a second to capture an image, it can take from hours to weeks to create a 3D model.

Sample image taken directly from the Nike Website
3D Shoe model generates in less than 30 seconds

ZEG.ai envisions a future web powered by 3D content. To realise this, a paradigm shift away from tedious, manual content generation is needed. We are building a technology where 3D versions of real objects can be instantly created using natural and intuitive inputs: 1) a single photograph, 2) speech or textual descriptions or 3) inference from spatial context. On-demand 3D creation at affordable prices unleashes new opportunities for E-commerce, XR, and games. Furniture E-commerce can leverage enhanced visualisations to increase conversion by allowing customers to see how items will look in their home. Fashion E-commerce can use body scanning to enable try-ons using deformable 3D models of clothes and shoes. The games and XR industries can allow users to digitize real-world objects and bring them into their virtual worlds.

At Zeg.ai our dream is scalable 3D for the next generation of the web.