We are 1G.

Nope. 1G does not refer to the first generation of wireless telephone technology.

It is a term that I took the privilege of coining for a specific section of people. They are among us. They look similar. You know them. They may be your closest friends. They may be your cousins. They may be your bosses. They may be the “regular” people you meet on public transport. But, they are not the same. Some of them can conceal this. Most of them cannot.

1G is short for 1G telugu people.

Basically, point entante, veella parents putti perigindi Andhra/Telangana lone, kaani veellu ikkada peragaledu.

So, they are 1st Generation of Telugu people who are growing away from mana Andhra/Telangana. Hence, 1G. And their parents are 0G. Get it?

Alaage, 2G, 3G prajaatulu kuda mana madhya untaayi. 3G is a very rare case!

Adanta sare kani, manamu veella gurinchi enduku telusukovali?

Because they are as “telugu” as we are. They have funny/sad bitter/sweet life experiences that are worth knowing about. Arre, Veellu manavaalle ra, aney feeling undaali veellakosam. Adey naa aimu.

As a start, let us begin with some PROS and CONS about being a 1G telugu among native Telugu speakers:


Veellu multiple culture madhya lo perigina vaallu: Isn’t this cool? Along with“telugu-ness”, a little bit of Tamil/Marathi/Kannada (etc.) culture also get programmed into their heads. Ante, veellu Sankranti to paatu, Pongal(Tamil) kuda jarupukuntaru, Gudipaadwa (Maharashtra) kuda jarupukuntaru. This is definitely a PRO.

Veellaki Telugu, English to paatu Inka 1, 2 extra bhaashalu vastayi: This is an awesome skill to have. You may say, we may find Hindi speakers in and around Hyderabad. To them I say, it is not Hindi, it’s Hyderabadi. So, if you think you know Hindi because you have stayed in Hyderabad for very long, it is not Hindi you know (most probably, as always, there are exceptions!), it is Hyderabadi, but yes, they are very similar. This leads them to be able to have a diverse friends-circle. This is a PRO.


Andarilaaga veellani Batchlo oka partga oppukodamu jaragadu: They are and always will be outsiders. This sucks. When they try to cosy up to native speakers, and their circles, they always have to do a extra effort. (Naa friends nannu ippadiki ‘North’ aney pilustaru. Ippudu naakidi okay, kaani first firstlo baaga hurt ayyanu.) This is a CON.


State bayata undadamu vallana bhasha kichdi kichdi hogaya ba: Okay, this is where we fail. Since they are more accustomed to some other language, and Telugu is the language we speak in home, we have a broken Telugu. This is a CON


Veella mp3 player lo paatalu taatala kaalamuvi untayi: Veella mp3 players lo paatalu chooste eppudo paatakalam paatalu untayi. Ikkada manaku Superstar Mahesh cheppina aa dialogue gurtostundi. “Update avvandra”. Andaru S/O Sathyamurthy paatalu vintunte veellu inka Julayi paatalu vintuntaru. True story!

Telugu chadavadam raayadam raadu: This is pretty common feature in this 1G people. It feels ridiculous. They guess the movie name after seeing the hero, heroine and the writing style of name of the movie. The situation is almost like this.

Translator laaga pani chestaru: Arey veedu Tamil lo edo vaagutunnadu. Aa sambar gaadini pilavara. Obviously, Sambar is a nickname given to a person who knows Tamil (and Telugu) This is a PRO.

This is it.

One more request. If you know anybody who is a 1G Telugu or if you yourself are, put in the comments anything I may have missed.

Peace, folks!

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