What happened?

I thought, Hey, since the four years are almost over, the time spent here deserve an article.

First, I met a lot of people, everybody a different shade:

  • The Questioners: They question everything they lay eyes on.
  • The ‘thinking-about-doing’: They plan, they think. They plan to make a short film, a YouTube channel, an Extra Self Project, some Social Work. More often, they end up not doing stuff.
  • The Doers: They do stuff. That is a step beyond ‘thinking-about-doing’. They get things done.
  • The “F.R.I.E.N.D” friend: That is not just for the TV series fans. They are the kind of people who go all out for their ‘friends’ . And by all out, I MEAN ALL OUT. They drain their physical-energy, their self-respect, their mental-energy, and worst of all, their time. They have this notion of what a friend must be like and try too hard to match up to it.
  • The gossiper: They gossip a lot, and contribute to nothing but a lot of mental discomfort and waste of time to all the participants of that discussion.

Okay, now that you have gone through the list, I have to tell you nobody I met could fall into a single category. Everybody had a different shade of each of these qualities.

I made the list based on all the phases I went through these four years. Yes, at some point, I was all these persons. (Except, of course ‘The gossiper’, I have always hated that and almost have never been that.)

What can we learn from this?

That we are basically the same people, with one or two components overpowering the others.

Me and you, we are the same.

Before getting into what I learnt, let us talk about what we learnt from, okay?

I learnt most of the things outside the class. As did most of you, I would imagine.

  1. The first source, and the biggest, was experiences. But, not necessarily mine. I came here, met so many strangers, with their own experiences, their own stories, interests, histories, mysteries. (I put it in there because it rhymes!) Some of them made me laugh, but some really moved me!
  2. It would be unfair if I don’t mention books. Books not just taught me life lessons, but took me on some great adventures. I was into books even before coming here, and the relation only deepened. I bravely tried many new genres that I never would have thought I would try.

Coming to the next part:

Lessons I learnt:

  1. NOBODY CARES FOR YOU MORE THAN WHAT YOU CARE FOR YOURSELF. I learnt it the hard way. I mean the real hard way, like a sucker punch to the jaw. (And I actually took a sucker punch, although not to the jaw, but to the gut. But, more about it later). Do yourself a favour, look inside yourself and remind yourself how much you care about yourself. Do you favour others’ happiness over your time/self-respect/mental energy? Time to set your priorities again, because if you care about yourself so little, and treat yourself like shit, the ‘others’ care lesser and treat you worse.
  2. YES, SAYING ‘NO’ IS DIFFICULT, but there a few things out there that are really bad for you that deserve a firm No from you. And you are a good judge of what those things are (Come on, don’t lie to yourself.) Next time you come across such a thing, say NO. Also, equally important is learning to take a No.
  3. YOU CAN’T MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY, WHY NOT WORK ON MAKING YOU HAPPY? Or as Harvey Specter from Suits puts it:

4. PUTTING IN THE HOURS IS THE ONLY WAY. You are what you put hours into. Think about it:

You put hours into learning Python? you will get good at Python. You put in hours into speaking on a stage? You will be a good speaker. You put hours into watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S? You will get good at it and know a lot about the actors, (I know I do).

5. Surround yourself only with PEOPLE YOU LOVE.

6. The learning should and will never stop.

After learning all this, it is not that I have become a very wise person and can tackle all the problems thrown at me. It is also not true that I will be able to stick to all of them forever.

Hell! It is not even sure that these rules will stay unchanged.

All I know is, When I fall (I know I will!), I will pick myself up and remind myself of my values, principles and goals, and I will start over.

I wish you all the best and I wish you rise up too.