This logo is an example of awesomeness and let me tell you why…

Whosoever has designed this logo... You , my buddy, are a genius!!

The Shivalik is a hill range in the outer Himalayas and is associated with cool and pure water. Also, they have a spiritual connection with Lord Shiva. Shivalik literally means "Tresses of Shiva".

Now, the level of detail is so nicely done in this logo. It has that Himalayan mountainous feel with the Trident of Shiva over the letter "I". Then the whole word is done in an ancient Indian typescript font and style. The blue color matches the usual tone of Lord Shiva and the dusk of the Himalayas

The logo immediately resonates Power, purity and spiritualism - features that one can connect with the Shivalik hills.

Well done, buddy!!