I Need to Write About YOU. Are You Interested?

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When I graduated college, I had no idea what I wanted to do.

I’m sure that’s the case for millions of us and for millions more to come.

In fact, I’m sure that was the case even before we get into a college. You just somehow stumble through your admissions phase and select a college and a course which, for some unknown reason, resonates with you.

How is it that there are so damn many of us like that? Well, at least we’re not alone.

Let me tell you my story. Let me tell you how when I graduated, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, how I still don’t, and what I plan to do about it.

Phase 1: Graduate

I graduated college with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in the summer of 2015.

I remember walking out of the convocation with a grin on my face. I had finally graduated college. The same college which I don’t know why I got into in the first place.

Talk about cluelessness.

Nevertheless, the world was now my oyster and I was gonna accomplish great things. Or so I thought.

Phase 2: The Graduation Aftermath

One week down the line and my head is exploding with the thought of choosing a “career”.

My friends were pretty quick with their decisions. So much so that it made me wonder if they had made their decisions or had it made for them. It was quite a blur.

One of my friends decided he will go to Australia to pursue his MBA, another one decided to move to another city to do the same. There was an army brat in there somewhere, and the other lot just decided to get jobs.

As disinterested as I was, I still decided to sit for our college placements — that’s when different corporates come to the college, interview students, select a few and give them offer letters.

I was given one. I didn’t want it.

So, I decided to do something on my own.

Phase 3: The App Store Gold Rush

I was always interested in apps, they were all the rage. I had no experience as a coder or a designer, which are literally the two skills you need to have to make any app you want.

So, I outsourced.

I won’t go into the full detail of how I made my apps since I’ve already written a whole different blog about it. You can read that here.

Long story short, I outsourced the coding for my first app, got the graphics made by an old school friend, and launched it in 3 months.

Surely enough, it didn’t do so well. My millionaire dreams were stabbed by reality.

But, I still loved apps. I loved the process of creating them, watching my ideas come to life as I tapped my phone’s screen. Absolute bliss.

So, I decided to create another one. For this, I didn’t want to invest any money, so I partnered up with this Italian coder over Skype, promising him 40% of the profits, should there be any. As for the graphics, I learned basic Photoshop and off I went.

This was the it-didn’t-do-so-well #2.

And so I stopped.

Phase 4: The Online Retail Gold Rush

This was after my first app. I decided to partner up with my dad and open an online retail business where we’d sell fashion accessories on Amazon and sibling portals.

I ran that for over a year only to realise that the game I had stepped into was being played by millions who had invested millions into it. There was just no chance, specially in an economy like India.

So, I shut it down.

Phase 5: Let’s get a job.

By this time, my mind was off wandering about perks of a full-time job. I had shut down my own business and went looking for a job (isn’t it supposed to be the other way round?).

I was bursting with energy, thinking about all the perks a job had to offer. And I had made up my mind that I would join a startup, never an MNC, since the growth in corporate was stinted.

All I wanted was to get a fun job where I’d learn all the tricks of the trade, how to grow a company, how to get funded, and all the other shindigs.

So, I looked for job postings on Angel, the go-to site for startup jobs, and I applied for over 20. And I got offers from 5.

I took up the job for business development exec at a sports based startup. There was a lot to learn, and I really did. It was a brilliant learning experience for over 6 months. I made friends, connections, networked with new people and whatnot.

I also started writing a blog in my spare time, about everything interesting I read about, watched, or came across. Things like how you choose your favorite song. [Full blog here]

Anyway, I quit that job 3 days ago.

Phase 6: Now

Now I’m even further confused and I want to mitigate this confusion once and for all. Since I’ve been actually confused about what to do, I turn to you.

All of you.

Whoever is reading this, whoever isn’t.

The one thing I’ve always found myself comfortable doing is writing. And so I’m gonna write.

I’m going to write about all of you. All of you who are happy with what you do, all of you who aren’t.

All of you who made the choice as a child when you told your parents you wanted to be a pilot, all of you who made the choice when you first held a paintbrush in your hand, all of you who went to college and fell in love with what you studied and decided to get your dream job for the same, all of you who dropped what you were doing and took up your passion.

Maybe people read about others and get inspired, maybe they don’t.

Maybe someone makes their choice after reading about other people’s stories here and makes one they fall in love with.

Most of all, maybe I’ll finally find the answer I’ve always been looking for.

Or maybe, the next time you read what I write, it’ll start off with…

Phase 7.

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