About me

I am a superhuman, a king with a god-complex, an optimist and a love-being. Most people call me Kelvin but I am also known as Tushgeek (get it? A tush kind of geek). I love to observe the world around me and I make attempt to understand some part of it (It’s not my job, why should it be all of it?). I am a true worshiper of God, my source, my strength, my redeemer and my life.

I am your typical tall, dark and handsome young man in his early twenties and to add to that,

  • I am smart (I am a genius, you’ll to understand that later);
  • I am fun to hang around (when I’m not sharing deep things with you);
  • I am funny (that’s if you’re already always smiling, I’m no comedian ;);
  • I cook most of the food I eat (One year now into this wonderful adventure);
  • I am a writer (it’s probably not obvious to you yet) and
  • I am an entrepreneur (simply put, I don’t appreciate lack).

Anything else I might have missed, you will probably figure out during the course of our journey together as writer and reader (I love our combo already ;).

Thank you for stopping by, I hope I took a lot of your time (;D)

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