In the beginning

I hope this title didn’t get you carried away thinking this post was going to be about my birth or the beginning of the world. It’s just the beginning of this blog and I didn’t want to have the title of my first post to be ‘first post’. So please bear with me.

We may choose to call this my blog but I have chosen to see it as my success story. Almost all the success stories I have read or heard about were all written in retrospect, reason? they didn’t know they were going to succeed while they were at it except of course, hope. What happens when you know and you’re sure that you’re going to succeed? You start writing your story, so someone else might see the undiluted version of what a success story looks like (Hey! Optimist, remember?). It is a common belief that ‘the end justifies the means’, cool story, in my case, ‘the belief in the beginning births the end’. This is the reason people want to listen to successful people tell their story, because to them, their success in the end have justified their means. If you’re one of those people, then you probably clicked the wrong link, because this is a success story not written in retrospect but in the actualization.

A little more about the beginning…

I am a talkative (oops! I didn’t put that on the about page, but now you know). I have always asked myself if this is a good thing or a bad thing, and at some point, in my life, I tried to stop talking (literally, numb). Did it work? Well, I said ‘at some point’ because it sure didn’t. I figured out that talking too much is not really a problem because it’s about one’s personality, the problem question is ’what are you talking too much about?’. It’s easy to err, offend people and waste your time and the unfortunate listener’s when you talk too much about unnecessary things. Figuring this out, I started channeling my too much talks for other purposes like, to give hope, share what I know, preach the gospel of Christ, sing (you don’t want to hear me sing, it’s for your own good) and to convert them into writings, such as this.

The beginning, most times, makes more sense in the end to most people but I will appreciate it if you can read this as if the present is the past and the future is the present. I don’t like writing a lot at once, to avoid boring you, which is one of the lessons I learnt talking too much, yes, I learnt it the hard way. So, if you’ll please, join me through this sincere journey to actualizing the present future.