How to be “good human resource manager”

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In this writing, I attempt to explain about the process of how to be a good human resource manager. Well, “do you ever think about to choose your career as human resource manager?”

To be a good human resource manager is a challenge for young professional in the management field. This field is one of the important aspect to be concerned on the cycle of business or I can say that the management field is becoming the main factor in business and its attracts of the interaction of people, culture and strategy.

Overviewing some opinions about human resource manager, one of professional said becoming human resource manager is not as a simple as we think. There are many aspects to be developed when we are involving in human resource knowledges.

According to Armstrong, Michael (2006) from “A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice” he said that “Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets — the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the business”.

To my point of view, the duties of becoming human resource manager is quite complex because you will get involve in the dynamic of people matters, conflict and communication issues.

Hence, we should have skills to support our duties to be human resource manager. To begin the process of how to be a good manager, there are some preciously tips to be learnt. First, you should have skills of leadership. On this skill, you have to develop the skills of directing your team. Secondly, you should have skill of communication. As a human resource manager you will meet different kinds of people matters, so that you have to know about how to solve those matters and its need good communication skills.

Besides of those skills, next, the utmost important of being human resource manager is the skills of management. You will have the management skills by obtaining professional certifications courses that related to human resource management. All of these are generaly basis for professional who is interested in human resource management career. To sum up, human resource manager is one of a challenging career and has a promising career path in the future.

Tuti N.SS.

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