Memory of My English Academic Writing Class- February 2015

Saturday, February 14 th 2015,

Writing is amazing

Today, is Saturday. But, I just passed Saturday morning by my academic English writing class (AW) at The University of Indonesia (UI). I directly passed placement test and took at the level of intermediate class. Its class started from 08:30 AM until 13:00 PM. This class is prepared for my study abroad to The United Kingdom or Australia. I have two teachers who were teaching in AW Class. They are both such a nice teachers. They taught me about how to create a good paragraphs. Starting to understand about identifying the topic sentences and the supporting sentences in the paragraphs. Well, at first this class was very confusing me, because I found my self couldn’t developed and constructed a good sentences in a paragraphs. You know why, because in fact, I found that when I would created a good paragraphs I have to know what was the idea and how to emphasized and supported it with a vocabulary and tenses. I was wondering myself that I couldn’t get full attention because there were some part of grammar structure that I could not understand as well. Most of the beginner like me, indeed writing is becoming an horror thinking part. These hard for my first time writing, but when you get the point of view of what you will talk about in the paragraphs you will fully understand your own writing.

In my AW class, I met one nicely friend, named Pani. Pani is a cheerful person and he has been taken the AW Class because of his study abroad preparation to Netherland. He was accepted in Wageningen University of Netherland for International Relations studies. I was glad to hear his study abroad. In addition, Pani accepted in Wageningen University through supported by the scholarship program of LPDP. He is such an awesome!, and same like him. I also prepare my study abroad to United Kingdom or Australia. I will pursue my Master Degree of Human Resource Management Consulting or Organisational Development studies in The United Kingdom or Australia.

Tuti NSS.

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