The power of networking

Networking is Fun

Networking is something that I like. In my opinion, I am thinking that networking is come from the words of net which is mean build space of social life and working which is mean gain with other people. It is quite interesting to talk about networking, because I feel that I can take its advantages. One of the advantages of networking is we can enhance relationship with and among of someone or group to find a potential as business partners and colleagues. The way how we can build our networking is when we get involved by a group or community, we can directly interact meet new people, do communicate by sharing thoughts and ideas with them. Not only those things that we can get from networking. Other side of build networking is we can develop our self confidence to communicate and negotiate with other people. At my first experience when I was getting involved in one of network community, I was not confident to speak up and encouraged my self to gain with other people. I was trembling to said something. But I was thinking again in that time, every person that I met in a community might be have the same experience and feeling I guess, so I was not trying to be afraid anymore. All I had to do is encouraged myself to start a conversation first, introduce myself and gave a smile to create a warm situation between people around us. Finally, I can say that networking is fun!

Tuti NSS.

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