New features! Our scheduler was optimised, redesigned and it looks great!

Learn how our new scheduler helps you to book or receive bookings more conveniently.

We are excited to announce 3 improvements into one of our team’s most favourite feature, the Scheduler: bulk booking, guest booking and request booking.

Bulk booking

Book one lesson? No problem. Five? Not a problem either! This feature was added for students who prefer to book multiple sessions at once.

1. View Tutor’s profile

Either click on a suitable date or click “Book a lesson” to start the booking flow.

2. Follow the steps

Select desired subject & proficiency level and give the tutor an idea what you’re looking for.

3. Select date & time (or multiple!)

Interested in booking just one session? No problem. Want more? Notice the green ‘+’ sign below.

Request booking

So you found the right tutor but unfortunately not a suitable time? No problem! If the tutor allows for “flex requests” (customizable in Tutor’s booking policy), you can request a time even if they have not marked themselves as available.

1. Notice the "Request booking" link below

Guest booking

Signup is no longer required for booking a lesson. Simple as that.

1. View Tutor’s profile

Notice the Big Green Button.

2. Next-next-next

Just go with the flow :)!

Much love, Team

Could this be useful for you? Perfect, make our day :)!

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