3 Strategies to Market your Online Tutoring

“One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is a vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.” - Carl Jung

Our students are always connected. Be it Snapchat, Instragam, FB, etc. Tutors now have the opportunity to continually connect, inspire and teach students in this digital world. This medium has made it much easier for tutors to share their work. In doing so, tutors get more exposure to students in need for help.

Once you’ve decided to enhance your tutoring with online capabilities, you’ll need to market your online tutoring services to students and partners.

Here’s 3 Strategies to Market your Online Tutoring:

1. Create an Online Learning Center to showcase your online tutoring services to prospective students & parents.

Your Online Learning Center will serve as a great marketing vehicle. It showcases your brand and your online tutors to prospective and current students & parents while highlighting your online tutoring capabilities.

With your custom branded portal and unique URL (example), you can embed it into your site and social media channels. For students & parents, having a tangible, professional, single online platform will instill confidence in the efficacy of the medium — vs. hacking together multiple, incongruent online tutoring solutions (i.e. Skype + Whiteboard + Scheduling + etc.).

2. Encourage current students & parents to take advantage of online tutoring

Articulate these benefits of online tutoring to students and parents:

A) The Online Experience is just like in person tutoring. With streaming video & audio, student and tutor can interact just like in the real world.

  • Collaborative, real time whiteboards, allow students to see what you’re writing and vice versa. As a tutor, you can see and correct your students’ mistakes in real time — just like in person.

B) Online Tutoring is very effective.

  • Research concluded that e-learning can increase information retention by up to 60% (Efficiency in Learning, 2006, Clark, Nguyen & Sweller). Tutorcast increases online lesson effectiveness by providing students with study tools such as private recording clips so students can focus on improvement areas at their own pace.
  • Parents can view lesson recordings and clips to ensure instruction and help students improve.

C) Your students and parents will save money from not having to travel; likewise, you’ll also save money from less traveling.

To market these benefits to students and parents, you can:

  • Create an email campaign announcing the availability of your online tutoring portal (portal example here) and micro lesson (micro lesson example here). This will help ease your students and parents into this medium.
  • Post on your social media (FB, Twitter, etc) and announce your online tutoring services as an add value services helping students succeed via tools such as recording & clipping tools.
  • Post micro lessons (i.e. Khan Academy style lessons) to help students and allow them to see and hear how online tutoring will work.

3. Leverage Tutorcast’s Word of Mouth features to get new students

Your students can make your micro lessons viral by sharing them via email and Facebook. A micro lesson is a short lesson that touches on specific topics or areas of difficulty. You can learn about creating a micro lesson here.

Additionally, you can create referral programs and encourage your students & parents to share your micro lessons to their network.