How wireless earphones are a game changer for your tutoring business.

“I know kung-fu” — Neo, The Matrix
“Show me” — Morpheus, The Matrix

The ubiquity of smartphones and now their wireless earbud accessories has ushered in great possibilities for learning. People can now take back their time. Instead of getting angry while sitting in traffic, you can now learn anything. In fact, education is one of the top genres in the exploding podcast industry.

The AirPods and their wireless earbud counterparts are helping us deeply internalize any content, anytime and anywhere.

We are in a new learning & content revolution. Akin to that of the Gutenberg printing press. But now instead of just written words, it’s audio and video (this significantly aides the learning process). Content can now more easily be internalized at a faster pace.

This presents great implications for educators.

So how can tutors take advantage of this to benefit their students and business?

Here’s how:

  1. Incorporate Online Tutoring & Broadcasting into your tutoring services

When expanding your tutoring services online, look for a platform that provides an easy end-to-end solution for online tutoring. Don’t Frankenstein your online tutoring, as you will risk adding unnecessary complexity and distractions to your sessions.

2. Record your online tutoring sessions with students

Find a solution that easily records your online sessions with your students. Make sure your solution provides all the necessary privacy controls for your students. Here’s an in depth analysis on some of the top players.

3. Let your students easily review their recordings, anywhere, anytime at their own pace.

The solution you find should have functionality allowing your students to easily access her recordings. She should be able to review her recordings on her smartphone. Through this, she can internalize your material into her subconscious. This process can help increase your lesson efficacy. In doing so, your tutoring services will spread.