How to Get Online Students

Your students are all digital natives. Like it or not. The tutoring companies and independent tutors who have embraced this have been able to provide more value to their students and families. Namely, they have been able to effectively incorporate online tutoring and video tutorials into their services.

However, one of the biggest challenges tutoring companies and independent tutors face is getting online students. The benefits of online tutoring are clear, and will only improve over time. Having a robust online student acquisition strategy is critical.

Here are a few strategies to get online students:

  1. Create an Email Campaign

Email is still a great way to communicate to existing families of new services such as online tutoring. There are many email services like MailChimp where you can create and customize email campaigns. They provide detailed analytics such as open rates, click through, etc. to help you optimize your campaigns.

Here’s a great example of an innovative tutoring company using email to announce their online tutoring services:

2. Create a Referral Program

Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising. Sharing on social networks is part of our daily behavior, especially our digital native students. You should tap into this. Consider creating a referral program and provide incentives to promote your online tutoring services to your students’ friends.

The Tutorcast platform is optimize for sharing. You can create video tutorials or clip out actual session recordings and allow students to share them with their friends.

3. Use Paid Marketing

If you have a marketing budget, you can consider paid digital marketing. Digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing such as print ads since you can direct your budgets based on ROI. Google and Facebook are great platforms for this. Snap and Instagram are emerging ad platforms worth considering. With Google you can use keyword targeting and only pay for clicks. With Facebook, you can target specific demographics and particular areas. We recommend using their respective re-marketing features. With your branded agency portal and video content on Tutorcast, we can help you drive effective re-marketing campaigns via our managed service offering.

How remarketing works:

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