Mumbai Autowala

This startup might be your last hope

When Rajat Mittal, after completing his, visited Mumbai to meet his brother he saw that almost all B.E.S.T. buses had the banners of daily soaps on them. However, he was surprised to see almost all the auto rickshaws vacant. That’s when he decided to give birth to AdMonger.

Mumbai is hustling with more than 5 lakh auto rickshaws. It leaves a wide scope for the advertisement industry to extend its arms here.

Rajat started researching on his idea and was amazed to find that on an average a metered auto rickshaw runs for about 150 km. He thought it could be very well used for a brand to reach the masses. Mumbai traffic added to the advantage as in traffic, a person has little choice than to stare at the back of the vehicles in front.


However, the task was not as easy as a pie. Initially it was very difficult to convince the auto rickshaw owners so that they allow advertisements to be posted on their autos. Nor was it easy to get the clients. May be they considered auto rickshaw ads down market.


Just give them a call on the number mentioned on their website and they will print the posters and put them on the auto rickshaws. Its hassle free and effective.

Although,AdMonger has an advantage of being the lone player in Mumbai but it is too early to envisage their success.


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