Ed Sheeran started very young singing in the church and there he learned to play the guitar, very determined at the young age of sixteen left the secondary school and moved to London to follow his dreams and start an artistic career. He was not an artist at all, at the age of twenty, after working hard day by day he published a single that attracted the attention of Elton John, and here began everything ... 
He was the opening show for his first years of musician of the recognized singer Taylor Swift on his entire "Red Tour", this helped him a lot to jump into full fame. 
His first album "+" had an incredible commercial success, to the point that one of his songs was nominated for a Grammy. 
We have to think that he was a child like any other, he used to ride a bicycle, play in the snow and play the piano from a very young age; Born in England and descended from the Irish, carried in his genes, like his family, the music. 
To the 14 years old he composed his first song and continued composing; He composed songs for One Direction, Taylor Swift, other artists lesser known and until for Justin Bieber at the moment for his last disc "Purpose". 
Their albums reached very high rankings around the world, he never imagined it, less having played in the closing of the London 2012 Olympic Games. 
He got a mention in the Guinness World Records because of his hit "Thinking Out Loud" entered to the first set of British singles 19 times.
 Ed comment that many of his influences to compose are: Justin Timberlake, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Eminem. 
And he continues, being a success, not only in England, also in the world,now is currently on tour, which is his third world tour and so far has announced 108 shows. Here in Argentina plays on May 20 at the Estadio Ciudad de La Plata.

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