Hi Tuur,
Dominik Vacikar

Hi Dominik, short term I don’t have much to go on but price dynamics…

$50 seems to be a crucial resistance support level. We need to see the price above it for multiple days and rising before it can jump higher. Can it go to $200 on this rally? I’m doubtful, but it’s possible. Given the lack of build-up price-wise and given the significant challenges with the impending Casper hard-forks, I think a winter period, i.e. a bear market, is likely (think Bitcoin in 2014-’15, could be shorter if scaling shows evidence of success in the first 6 months post HF).

Long term I see a binary outcome, either the ETH public chain will have a <$500M market cap 5 years from now, or it will be +$50B.

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