Designing TEAM: Inspiration from the Daily Overview by Benjamin Grant

Screenshot of juxtapose page at

For a long period of time, at least for the last few months, I’ve been struggling to convey my thoughts with sufficient statements. I thought writing about my experience in general and my thoughts about design concepts and process will help me become a better writer. I have started a blog, but I deleted it after writing few entries, as I was embarrassed to sound dumb. Besides, I have a huge procrastination issue, which makes it almost impossible to motivate my self. However, today I came to a conclusion that I should write daily stories of my experience, Designing TEAM. Trying to be perfect has been one of my worst enemies as a designer. Therefore, I want to overcome the fear by encouraging my self to share something about design everyday. This idea was inspired by a talk that I accidentally attended at GA. Tim, whom I happened to meet 5 minutes before the talk, invited me to Benjamin Grant’s talk on his passion project that is called Daily Overview. He Introduced himself as Ben’s friend and that he assists Ben on Daily Overview.

Tim ( invited me to the talk on Daily Overview

Long story short, a few days after the talk, he emailed me, following up on my interest in collaborating with Daily Overview.

He hasn’t responded to me yet, but my friend friend said that it might have been too vague.

Left: Daily Overview’s landing page. Right: Daily Overview’s juxtapose page.

I responded to his email, expressing my interest in this opportunity. Tim’s email made me realize a few things. I’d follow up with Tim again, as I stilll think it’s highly possible that I help improve the user experience of Daily Overview.

Key Learnings

  1. So far it has been amazing experience ever since I transitioned from archi to tech design.
  2. Because I see feel my self getting fired up, as I imagine the endless possibilities of making meaningful connections between my previous experience and UX design.
  3. I am thankful for Daily Overview, as it helped me to find my own passion, writing daily stories about how I build TEAM.
TEAM’s first draft logo