MARK 9:23

Work with Flash 
Work by Flesh 
Work through Fresh words 
Kiss of love from the dove.

Yesterday, I had the intense desire to express my feeling: the best I’ve ever felt loved.

I read the note that my baby sister, Zula, had written in the Holly Bible, which she gave me as a present eight years ago.

She drew a heart after she wrote the Isaiah 41:10 verse quoted in Mongolian, and she finished it with “God Bless You! 11.01.09”

She added, on the facing side of the cover, 
To the loved sister
From Zula!

The reason I grabbed my Bible was that 
I wanted to look up Mark 9:13 in Mongolian because
my sweetie’s name is Mark and 9:13 is a very very significant date, time & number for me.

On 9.13 I was born.
At 9:13 am on a recent day, 
I asked God to say he loves me through the mouth of my sweetie.
He said he loves me.

I looked up verse Mark 9:13 yesterday because
I saw the verse Mark 9:23 on the wall of my church on Sunday. 
“All things are possible 
If you believe,” it says…so I write:

Work with Flash 
Work by Flesh 
Work through Fresh words

from the bottom of my heart because 
I hit the bottom of the rock seven days ago. 
And Zula said God lets us hit the bottom of the rock to show us
He is the rock at the bottom.

Even though my Flesh is in pain,
my soul is in love.

As I returned my Bible on the shelf,
I saw my sketchpad from a cartoon drawing class. One of the homework sketches I did was an “alter ego” of me. At the age of twenty,
“She is beautiful, lovely but at the same time
She is ferocious,” I had written.

I laugh as I define what “ferocious” means:
“savagely fierce, as a wild beast, person, action, or aspect; violently cruel,” it explains in the

I defined my ego as of today, as truthfully as I could.
Two out of fourteen characters have remained:
Favorite food: Sushi and I believe
“She is beautiful, lovely but at the same time
She is ferocious,” at the age of thirty.

“Work with Flash”
is the title of the first note in that sketchpad
and it is a skill I had learned eight years ago 
and it is a skill that I had longed to review for the past eight months.

Everything I experienced during this time, 
I learned that I must use all my ability to spread the good news because

“Everything is possible if you believe.”

I am a human-centric design advocate
My greatest strength is visual design
I believe that my greatest joy comes from the past, current and future experience(S), pictured in the mind’s eye as Flash: of memories felt with Flesh & Love,
Animated by the Holly Spirit

Kiss of love from the dove.