How I Parallelise Work, Saving the World and Study (Part-1: Tips)

Disclaimer: Working while studying is not for everyone; it’s very challenging for any human being. Thus, work-study may not be the best thing for every individual.

I am studying at North South University for an undergraduate (Bachelors) degree in Computer Science and Engineering; and working at Telenor Health A/S as a Software Engineer — developing massive applications for operationalising and automating the organisation. Here are some times from my experience.

Sleep, plenty of it

I never compromise with sleep. I repeat, I never compromise with my sleep. In fact, I remember a quote that goes along something like this,

Maturity happens when you realise no one and nothing is more important than your sleep.

Sleep is the maintenance mode of a brain, sleeping helps one to remember, work and concentrate.

Wake up early

If you wake up early, you will feel more energetic throughout the day — thus will get more time for work and study.


Make sure to keep some amount of time per week for your buddy (or buddies) at college / university. A Friend is one of the essential elements of a social being like humans. Keep them from losing to keep yourself from regretting.

You need someone to share your anger and agony with.


Never stop learning. Do not get limited to the technology stack of your company or the syllabus of your university. Try to reach far and wide; be an explorer. The modern age requires you to be quick adopters. Your career requires you to be a life-long-learner.

Money is secondary

Money should not be your primary motivation for working, at least it shouldn’t be when you are working in the technology industry, working as a programmer / developer. Ask yourself, why would you want to get a job? For the fun, the glory, the pride, the experience… absolutely okay. Step back as soon as money becomes the primary motivation — it will prevent you from achieving greatness.

Open Source and Volunteering

Leave your mark on the world, contribute to open source projects for learning, fun, glory and making a name for yourself.

To be continued…

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