I think there are different meanings for the phrase “bug advocacy.”
Cem Kaner

Many thanks you for taking the time to response, much appreciated. Thank you too for the linked articles. You are right, I am thinking of bug advocacy differently to the definition you outline.

To me “bug advocacy” means to plead the case for a bug to be fixed.

Purely taken from the meaning of the words in the phrase. To advocate is to recommend or plead in favor of a cause or proposal. Therefore bug advocacy is to recommend or plead in favor of a bug getting fixed. I realize now that many people have a different definition that is attached to the process of creating persuasive bug reports, as you describe.

With your definition of the phrase, my case is still to deliberately not be persuasive about the bugs you report. It comes down to whether testers should try to persuade others that bugs should be fixed or not. I view testing as giving people important, relevant information so they can make better decisions. In that view I don’t try to persuade those people what they should do with the information I give them.