Do something fun

My definition of “fun” is going outside and playing something or other; however, the weather this week has been unfavorable for outdoor activities, so I decided to play piano for fun (yes, it is fun when I am not forced to practice).

I played piano for about 11 years back in grade school, but stopped when I started college. It was not too difficult to relearn one of my old pieces, Impromptu No. 1, Op. 29, by Frederic Chopin, but my technique has significantly declined. One day, I will reclaim my finger dexterity.

Mind Map (Image and Summary)

“Health and Wellbeing” is an incredibly broad topic. I thought back to my 8th grade health class, where it was drilled into our heads that health is defined as “physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing”, which is how I ended up with the first two subtopics. From there, I started with exercise and sickness, which were the easiest topics to fill in. It was then that I realized that I had a pile of homework to do, and that started the “stress” portion of the mind map.

I do have to admit that there was no method to this madness. Whenever a new idea formed, I immediately started writing that down. This will explain why most of the topics do not have a complete list of associated ideas. Since the paper was also filling up pretty quickly, I only added to the topics where I could still access some empty space nearby, which means that there are more elaborations in some places compared to others. Whenever I ran out of ideas, I got up and walked around the house, went through all of the aspects of my own life, and returning to jot down more topics.

The most interesting connection I found was just how many factors go into our self-esteem. Most of it is based on environmental factors, such as peers and societal/cultural cues. At the same time, how the individual processes such information ultimately determines their confidence in all kinds of situations.

This map also reinforced the idea that I am awful at drawing very smooth lines. Since a lot of the bubbles connected across the entire map, some of the connecting lines accidentally crossed, to the point where I could not differentiate between the two, which is why I added some darker lines to the map. Even then, I often ended up at the wrong locations, and would have to retrace my steps to remember where the thoughts connect.

Mind Map (Digitization)

I realized that this digital map is a nightmare. Typing it out was not only a pain, but I had initially attempted to declutter my hand-drawn mind map. This worked out poorly, considering just how cluttered that mind map turned out.

Suggested Themes

Out of the entire mind map, there are many themes that I would be interested in exploring further. One of the most interesting subthemes was the new trend of what I wrote as “DIY World”. I personally really enjoy do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, but at the same time, most of the projects require supplies that I do not have, which is why I just enjoy mindlessly scrolling through all of the pretty pictures in online tutorials. This was never a huge trend, but within the past few years, I have noticed that a large number of people have joined. I have always wondered whether this revolution is generated from the “millennial” generation, has anything to do with the existence of Pinterest, or anything else.

Procrastination is a large problem that plagues the majority of humanity. There are always tips and tricks floating around on the Internet with methods to combat procrastination; however, I am sure most people just read and laugh about the information and proceed to scroll through the rest of the Internet. Even with the little motivation that we have to finish any amount of work, it is nothing compared to the magnitude of the “immediate satisfaction” of wasting time on secondary actions. Since I am personally plagued by a similar problem, it would be nice to learn more about what makes us procrastinate, and hopefully find a method to end the majority of our procrastination once and for all.

“Online” was one of the bubbles on my mind map, which refers to the rise of eSports and its associated multimillion dollar industry. I used to play League of Legends, but after realizing just how much time it took (and how much computer power I did not own), I decided to stop. The rise of the sport has been very interesting, given how it does not lie within the traditional definition of “competitive physical activity”. Many colleges now offer scholarships to students who play eSports for them, and winning any competition usually results in receiving a large prize pool. It would be really interesting to see what problems exist in such a recent industry. Since this topic is pretty large, it can be scaled down to one particular online game, such as League of Legends.

10 Silly Ideas

I am sure that people who do not want to make the decision of what to wear the next day would love to have a color-changing shirt. This shirt would be made of fabric woven with optical fibers that can change colors depending on a preset program. Since this would require some electrical source, there would be a rechargeable battery that is sewn into a seam of the item of clothing to power the shirt. The one problem would be the inability to wash it, so this might be made into clothing is worn less often, like ties, suits, or dresses.

I was folding laundry when I thought about just how nice it would be to have an audiobook of my textbooks. This way, I would be able to do work and get some reading done at the same time. This would be a see through “tablet” that can wedge between the pages of a textbook, open or closed, and have the ability to read and vocalize each word on the page. The tablet would be somewhat flexible, because most textbooks are thick enough that they do not sit flat on a table.

This clear screen audiobook also gave the idea of creating a clear screen smartphone. This could potentially reduce the problem where some people do not pay attention to where they are walking, since there would be a continuous image of reality playing in the background. This clear smartphone could potentially start a new problem where people cannot easily see their devices and lose it more frequently than their wallet and keys.

I am not sure if this still exists on the market, but at some point, there was a mouthwash for kids that stained the plaque on their teeth to show where they might have missed brushing. A similar idea can be translated to hand soap that turns colors when it encounters bacteria, showing where people might have missed washing or should wash more.

In light of the cookie assignment, I realized that a large amount of time spent baking is spent measuring out the ingredients. A programmable machine that could measure out the correct amount of a certain number of ingredients can significantly reduce the time and effort spent on the task. The programmable aspect includes what ingredients to place into which compartment of the machine.

There is this problem where I tend not to receive cellular signal in buildings and obscure locations in the cities. It would be nice to have something similar to a wireless router that can amplify the signal within a certain radius of the device. Obviously, I am not sure how cellular signal works in the first place, but this would be a useful device to have around in natural disasters and situations where people are lost or hurt in the middle of nowhere.

Weather apps are very useful tools, but people usually do not have that much time to interpret the results. This weather app will tell you what to wear during the day and change its results based on each individual user and their feedback on how they felt during the day. This way, people will be much less surprised when the weather changes significantly from the past few days.

Some people consider lawn mowing as an art, but for most people, it is just another chore that needs to be completed. This programmable lawn mower only requires you to mow the lawn once. It will remember the path taken and mimic the course whenever directed to do so. Who says kids are the only method?

Have you ever wanted to bike through a lake without changing bikes? Me neither, but here is a product that will allow you to do just that. With the press of a button, the bike can transform between a normal bike and one that can travel on water. The spokes of the bike will flip out and act as a rudder. Additionally, a floating device will pop out of the bike frame to keep the biker afloat, given that the biker has wonderful balance and does not need to stop.

Mental health has always been an issue, but people are definitely more aware of it now than in the past. This website will be designed to provide users with access to services — talking with someone anonymously, having the chance to play with a dog — which will help improve the user’s mental health. Additionally, it will constantly update with events, locations, and other occurrences tailored to each individual that will allow them to meet up with others and learn something new to help improve mental health.

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