Riak is alive! Again.

Ivan Tuzhilkin
Aug 23, 2019 · 1 min read

Basho Riak is a key-value database server - distribute, reliable, fault-tolerant. Free alternative to DynamoDB.

Basho, the outfit that developed the Riak distributed database, has been put into receivership after it stopped paying the bills to its main creditors.

After the earlier misfortunes, the product seems alive again and driven by the Open Source community.

Release 2.9.0 looks very promising and moreover, 3.0 should be ready next year with more improvements.

Just check Riak storage backends testing results here.

As my company uses Riak as the default database I decided to refresh the Riak Docker-image, and check the new version by myself.

You also can check it here, or just run the Docker-image:

docker run -d kefirgames/riak:2.9.0p3

That’s all for now, in the next story I would like to tell my experience in operating Riak.

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