#MeerFAVS on Meerkat

For those into #Meerkat (@AppMeerkat) there are some obvious folks to follow.

The leaderboard is packed with them. Rightfully topping the list — two of my #MeerFAVS @JimmyFallon and @Mashable!

And the guy who introduced me to it — @GaryVee!

But there are more and more people joining everyday who are NOT on the leaderboard and are hard to find.

That’s why we started a Meerkat Tuesday night (3/24–25) that we’re calling #MeerFAVS!

Who are the people you are discovering on #Meerkat that you LOVE? Who did you learn something from? Who is entertaining…. or sharing valuable content?

Tell us about them — tell us about YOU too!

Here are some of the suggestions from our first gathering. Our #MeerFAVS get together is a crowdsourcing event. So you can come and tell us about your #Meerkat streams or someone elses.

I suggest if you come to talk about your own… also take the time to give someone else some love. Generosity is what makes social media a wonderful place to be!

So keep the suggestions coming! We will try another of these #MeerFAVS Thursday night while we’re waiting for the basketball games to end. I’ll schedule it for 10:45! See you all Thursday night!

I think we can agree the more you can share in your comment/tweet about WHY people should follow the user you mention — or what your cool stream was about — the more likely it is people will search for our #MeerFAVS and follow!

And check out @MeerFAVS on Twitter!