Best Android TV box for installing Kodi Music Addons

Kodi music addons are nothing more than installing apps like SoundCloud on your smart phone. In this era of internet, people love to spend their time on the internet over watching TV. No doubt those idiot boxes don’t match the features of a smart phone or a computer. So here is an amazing product that can turn an idiot TV to a smart TV. The best part, you don’t need to invest big bucks for buying a smart TV!

Bring home the Android TV Box

Android TV Box is somewhat like a set top box in appearance, but smaller in size. It is one of the best devices available in the market for people who are looking to turn their LED TVs into a smart one. The options of entertainment are unlimited! Moreover movie addons and Kodi music addons takes entertainment to the next level.

Watch Free TV

No doubt you are well aware of watching live sports over the internet on your laptop or desktop. How about using the same procedure on TV! You don’t need anything more than this excellent device!

Apart from sports you can watch all popular channels and enjoy your daily soaps. You need not worry about monthly subscriptions of channels as well. Only an internet connection will work fine!

Use Your TV as a Desktop!

Are you thinking to buy a budget laptop for checking emails and surf the internet? The android TV box turns your TV into a computer. There are two USB ports where you can use both wired and wireless keyboard and mouse. What more? Now you can surf your favorite websites and videos right on your TV!

Music — Install Kodi Music Addons

Why stay limited to the popular Kodi Addons. You can also install any or all favorite apps in the Google Play Store! Enjoy music while you surf the internet! The android TV box is similar to any android smart phone. The only case here is, you have a larger viewing experience on your TV.

Google Play Store means Games!

If you are a family man and want your kids to play games other than getting addicted to their phones, get an android TV box today. You kids can enjoy playing any games including high graphics game like Asphalt 8.

For The Tech Lovers

Many of you love to test the performance of smart phones. Testers use applications like CPUz and Antutu for checking the performance scores. As a layman if you are willing to check, visit Play Store and download either of the apps. Run it and test the performance. It turns out to be better than budget smart phones!

TV box Addons enhances user experience.

When you are buying an android TV box, it comes with some default applications. At TVBOXADDONS, you can customize all that you want.

Starting form movie addons up to music, we have got your back. If you are unwilling to go with monthly subscriptions, there is nothing to worry about! You have internet — the hub of entertainment!

Visit us and we will help you customize the features. If you have queries, post your comments. Also share this post and let others find the affordable way to make a smart TV.

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