The Top 25 Child Support Excuses 

All regularly heard in a Tennessee Child Support Court. 

  1. I couldn’t come to court because I had no ride.
  2. I completed the required job list sheet, but I left it at home.
  3. I can pay tomorrow, judge. Honest!
  4. I’m going to file my taxes today and get my refund and I’ll pay what I owe with that refund.
  5. I’ve got a job interview later today.
  6. I just got out of jail.
  7. I’m seriously a nice person and wouldn’t just stop paying!
  8. I would pay, but I’m filing for disability.
  9. I would get a job, but I’ve got a criminal record that keeps me from getting employment.
  10. I’ve got an interview tomorrow.
  11. I don’t have enough schooling to get a job.
  12. I have a new job starting tomorrow, so please don’t put me in jail.
  13. The baby mama/baby daddy doesn’t have the kids. I do. Why should I pay?
  14. The baby mama/baby daddy is just going to spend the money on drugs, so I’m not going to pay.
  15. I’m waiting on my taxes to be released.
  16. The money is coming out of my check, but I don’t know why it hasn’t been sent in.
  17. I had to pay probation fees.
  18. I had to pay my other child support to stay out of jail on that case.
  19. It’s arrears only and I’m making some payments. Who cares if it’s every month?
  20. I’m in rehab and not allowed to work.
  21. I have a high risk pregnancy and can’t work.
  22. I had a job that “fell through.”
  23. I can’t donate plasma due to tattoos/jail time/being homeless.
  24. I’m a really great dad/mom. I really take care of the kids!
  25. I have the kids/other kids. The ones in my home are first priority.