Guess The 2nd Broadcast Scripted Show To Be Canceled In The 2017–18 Season (Poll)

Ten Days In The Valley Has Been Canceled.

It was the 7th biggest vote getter in the “first show to be canceled” poll.

Now it’s time to guess the 2nd broadcast scripted show to be canceled in the 2017–18 season!

For the purposes of this poll, a show has been canceled if:

  • it’s removed from its original timeslot
  • its episode order is reduced
  • its network acknowledges it won’t order any more than the initial 13 episodes

As you may have noticed, networks have kept ratings losers on the air longer than ever before, usually because they’ve got nothing to replace them with but reruns.

What’s your guess for this season’s second show to be canceled?

Like all internet polls, this one is meaningless fun. For perspective, 4 of last year’s top 5 vote getters were renewed, and the first show canceled, Notorious, was ninth!

Included in the poll are all rookie broadcast scripted shows (in randomized order) currently scheduled to premiere before 2018 (except Will & Grace, which has already been renewed). The shows premiering later in the season are unlikely to be canceled first, but who is the reaper to prevent you from guessing?

As they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often.

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Originally published at TV Grim Reaper.

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