Predictions Week 11: Criminal Minds Is Likely To Be Canceled

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Criminal Minds Is Likely To Be Canceled

Criminal Minds is likely to be canceled. It will end this (its 14th) season with only 15 episodes, and it has never before had fewer than 22 episodes. That’s not an affirmative cancellation, but it’s enough to cause the reaper to move his prediction to “likely canceled”.

Happy Together was officially canceled when CBS opted to not order any new episodes.

No more episodes were ordered for Murphy Brown either, but for now CBS is going with the “busy famous people only wanted to do 13 episodes” smokescreen, so its fate is still officially undecided.

TV Grim Reaper’s predictions are for scripted broadcast primetime show renewals for the 2019–20 season or cancellations by the end of the 2018–19 season.

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*Why are those shows certain to be renewed?
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The reaper’s running prediction tally this season: 2–0

  • Right: I Feel Bad, Happy Together
  • Wrong:

Will & Grace was renewed before the season began. Jane The Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, iZombie, Gotham and The Big Bang Theory were canceled before the season began.
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