North by Northwest — 1959

Photo Credit: Christies




In many ways this film is perfect to start a year of daily film watching. I’ve seen it before, but years ago, so it felt really fresh. I’m no classic movie aficionado by any means but I know I like the style of Hitchcock in this era of his career, and the late 1950s are beautiful to look at in this film. The cars, the clothes, the buildings. If you know New York, you’ll love seeing the NY Public Library, Plaza Hotel, Grand Central Station and the UN.

Of course Cary Grant is great as the lead and it’s strange just how often you think of George Clooney when you are watching him in action. But it’s not all about Grant. Eve Marie Saint, James Mason and the recently departed Martin Landau are also great in their respective roles (I need to add more James Mason films to my 365 watchlist).

At 2hrs 16 it’s not a short movie but the pace of the story makes it feel a lot shorter. Is this my favorite Hitchcock film? Maybe, with Rear Window and The Lady Vanishes being right up there too.

Best Quote:

Roger Thornhill: How does a girl like you get to be a girl like you?

Eve Kendall: Lucky, I guess.

How I watched it:



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