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Get Better ACRYLIC POURING Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

Hey guys so I wanted to do something a little bit

…different. Obviously normally most of my blog post on resinq are about painting. But today I wanted to cover acrylic pouring troubleshooting and frequently asked questions as I do

acrylic pour art
acrylic pour art

Paint conditioner you can commonly get

it in the painting section at a hardware

I use instead of float roll and also

along with this is can I just use water

acrylic pour art
acrylic pour art

starting out by all means do it with

just water and work on getting your

heat will get rid of the air bubbles a

hairdryer is not the same as a heat gun

acrylic pour art
acrylic pour art

can definitely use the hairdryer to

create very cool effects with the paint

instead of silicon so silicon is oil

basically it’s commonly used as a

get it on Amazon there’s many many

different brands and you can use tons of

correct I did not have this issue I have

heard other people say that that happens

get muddy or a hand sells but I lost

them like I had these beautiful cells

patterns or designs or whatever you have

put enough paint on the canvas my ratio

if you’re can if your mixture isn’t

working no matter who you got this

and that goes into again how do I seal

my painting so I think I just actually

my painting and make it look pretty so

that it can be sold I personally I leave

sign my painting I prefer to sign it on

the back because then the client can

liquitex pouring medium Golden’s GAC 800

you can use Vallejo pouring medium there

say pouring medium on them or with

golden it’s the GAC

they’re not the same thing guys okay

torch is different so it’s not just fire

just because I really didn’t know better

like it helps burn off silicone that