Get Better ACRYLIC POURING Results By Following 3 Simple Steps

…different. Obviously normally most of my blog post on resinq are about painting. But today I wanted to cover acrylic pouring troubleshooting and frequently asked questions as I do

acrylic pour art

get the same questions asked over and

over and over and I haven’t actually

made videos to cover pretty much

everything but I wanted to put it all in

one spot and then in the description I

will actually link posts as well that

cover these topics so let’s start with

first of all what is float roll there’s

a very common question blue tile is a

Paint conditioner you can commonly get

it in the painting section at a hardware

store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s you

can also get it on Amazon what it does

is it helps the paint flow it helps

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prevent it from cracking and it also

helps maintain the colors so they don’t

you know money together alright so do

you have to use flow trouble as a

generally the next question or what can

I use instead of float roll and also

along with this is can I just use water

so let’s take water first I guess you

can absolutely just use water you can

use all kinds of things will you get the

same results not really that’s okay you

can get different results with water and

acrylic pour art

it can be just as cool the problem with

water that I found is a it’s hard to get

the consistency correct you have to do a

lot of extra mixing to get it to be nice

and fluid so it’s you know flows

properly and — you’re going to run into

maybe a little more of an issue with

cracking as it dries so those are a

couple things but if you’re just

starting out by all means do it with

just water and work on getting your

consistency correct so then what can you

use instead of float roll you can use

just regular old glue go to the dollar

store or whatever you know during

back-to-school season at least in the

u.s. at Target they have glue for like

25 cents or a Walmart or wherever you

use a heat gun or hair dryer instead of

a torch absolutely but they’re not the

same if you’re gonna go with anything

and you have a heat gun that’s gonna be

the closest because just by default the

heat will get rid of the air bubbles a

hairdryer is not the same as a heat gun

or torch these three things are all

completely different and they will do

different things a hairdryer will

actually move the paint around even if

you have it on the lowest setting so if

acrylic pour art

you don’t have a torch or heat gun a

hairdryer is not really a substitute you

can definitely use the hairdryer to

create very cool effects with the paint

but it’s really not a substitute for a

torch or a heat gun it’s very different

I mean you can go to extremes of having

it on high heat and holding it very far

away low fan and whatever and maybe kind

of simulate a heat gun it’s just a lot

of work and I would not do it because

it’s not really necessary whatever to

each his own okay what is silicon do I

have to use silicon now what can I use

instead of silicon so silicon is oil

basically it’s commonly used as a

lubricant for machinery treadmills etc

there’s also there’s other many other

lubricants okay um do you have to use it

no absolutely not you don’t have to use

anything um what it does when you use is

it can help create lots of cells and

large cells however if your paint

consistency is not correct I find that

even with silicon you’re really not

going to get much cells so the paint

consistency is way more important than

using silicon silicon you can get at a

hardware store once again you can also

get it on Amazon there’s many many

different brands and you can use tons of

substitutes including like hair serum

wd-40 you know

personal lubricant even like there’s all

kinds of things pretty much anything

that is used as a lubricant of some sort

will work I’ve also been asked if food

oils will work instead I have not done

correct I did not have this issue I have

heard other people say that that happens

when the painting dries too quickly I

don’t think that is accurate personally

and I’ve not experienced that personally

and I live in Los Angeles where it can

be a hundred and ten degrees with like

zero humidity so that’s just doesn’t

make any sense to me and you you

probably have heard that it may be true

I’m not a scientist I don’t know but

from my experience it’s simply because

your paint is too thick so my advice is

add more water or add more pouring

medium and also run more off of the

canvas okay and then why did my painting

get muddy or a hand sells but I lost

them like I had these beautiful cells

but then when it dried there were no

more self okay this is the opposite end

of the spectrum it means your paint is

too thin most likely you’ve added too

much water and conversely people

sometimes get beautiful cells when it

first comes out of the cup but then as

they’re stretching it

they lose their cells and that is either

your paint is too thin or you’re also

not putting enough on the canvas don’t

be stingy put enough to cover your

canvas you don’t have to tilt it too

much and lose all of your cells or

patterns or designs or whatever you have

put enough paint on the canvas my ratio

personally is about one ounce per every

sixteenth branches of canvas so that

translates to an 8 by 10 canvas will be

about 5 ounces of paint ok and if your

colors are getting money or you’re

losing yourselves use less water

definitely they’re gonna thicken up your

consistency and on these last two points

don’t get discouraged if what you’re

doing isn’t working change it okay I

think it’s the definition of insanity is

doing the same thing over and over and

expecting a different result

if you’re can if your mixture isn’t

working no matter who you got this

recipe from or how right it seems change

and that goes into again how do I seal

my painting so I think I just actually

listed all of the ways the varnish is or

the enamel spray or resin there’s a lot

of a lot of ways and if one important

point on that is if you did use silicone

or any silicone or oil related product

in your painting you will need to

thoroughly clean it before you seal it

otherwise whatever you use to seal it

with will not stick it won’t work you

will have to clean it I personally use

alcohol other people use cornstarch or

baby powder to soak up the oil so my

recommendation is to just simply not use

the oil not use silicone I hardly ever

use it anymore but if you do make sure

you clean it thoroughly before sealing

it okay and last question we’re gonna

cover today is how do I fix the back of

my painting and make it look pretty so

that it can be sold I personally I leave

it alone it is sold as is and that is my

personal preference okay some other

things you can do is you can paint the

back us all in color so either with

spray paint or just regular paint you

can also pre tape the back of your

canvas so that when you do your paint

you can just peel the tape buy it off

and then you have a nice clean back and

a third option is to cover it with paper

either maybe a nice scrap of paper or a

regular brown paper and yeah so those

are the three options I would say and

then also along with this I’m going to

include one more question that I

actually didn’t write down is where do I

sign my painting I prefer to sign it on

the back because then the client can

hang the painting whichever direction

they want unless I have decided on a

finite direction like the painting is

going to be

in this direction and if you hang it out

in the other way it’s not gonna make

sense then I can sign it on the front

but most often I sign it on the back and

I don’t include hanging materials

because once again I want the client to

know so super cheap you can you

is more expensive options such as

liquitex pouring medium Golden’s GAC 800

you can use Vallejo pouring medium there

is DecoArt pouring medium there are so

many pouring mediums you can use now

these companies do also have similar

products that don’t say pouring medium

those may or may not work a lot of times

they’re not intended for pouring and I

wouldn’t recommend using them so you

want to find specific than the ones that

say pouring medium on them or with

golden it’s the GAC

800 you can use I’m sure other products

from them read the description it’ll say

intended to help you know make the paint

more fluid or whatever alright so that

answers that so next is what does the

torch do like what is this torch why are

you using this so I use a butane torch

you can also use propane or whatever you

can even use a torch lighter okay now a

lighter a regular lighter and a torch

they’re not the same thing guys okay

torch is different so it’s not just fire

you’re not just looking for fire

you’re looking for a torch okay a torch

is really to help get rid of the air

bubbles in the painting which can help

create cells

I used to there’s a lot of false data

going around about a pouring and there

has been for years and I even spewed

some of it when I was first starting

just because I really didn’t know better

like it helps burn off silicone that

doesn’t even make sense

but really what I’ve just from my

experience what it does is it helps get

rid of the air bubbles and it can help

create more cells thereby do you need a

torch absolutely not um I actually

hardly ever use the torch anymore

and I get cells just fine without it you

really don’t have to have it it’s fun

it’s definitely a fun tool to use but

you don’t definitely don’t need it if

you’re just starting out don’t worry

about it and then can I



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