How to earn crypto on your phone and interact with TTV without paying gas fees

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Millions of users around the globe love TV-TWO to watch their daily dose of crypto on the phone. On the side, our multiple learn & earn tasks enjoy great popularity, as well. To ensure our daily reward payouts, it was key for us to navigate through the current gas wars on Ethereum. With our newest partnership we are able to secure just that:

TV-TWO & Freewallet will allow you to continuously earn crypto while watching your favorite crypto content.

How does the TV-TWO payout via Freewallet work?

After requesting a payout inside the TV-TWO app, you will receive a message to your provided email address with the subject: “Your TV-TWO payout!” …

Joint crypto education for successful trading

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In this section of our TV-TWO blog, we like to zone in on our biggest partners and their services. At the same time, we use the chance to present the status quo of the crypto world, which we are jointly forming and nurturing day in, day out.

Ever wonder what’s the best trade in the crypto markets? Well, who doesn’t. …

Join the Trading Competition!

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OKEx, the world’s leading one-stop crypto exchange, and TV-TWO, the world’s leading content discovery platform for crypto, join forces! We are proud to present our exchange partner and start the campaign with a special trading competition exclusively for the TV-TWO community.
Win up to $200 for simply signing up and trading crypto on OKEx!

Here is how it works:

Step 1) Register here and pass KYC Level 1

Step 2) Deposit over $100 to compete for the following rewards

Here is how to win:

a) The most active trader during the campaign will get $200
(Requirements: Trading volume > $10,000)
b) The top 3 traders with the highest volume during the campaign will get $200 each
(Requirements: Trading volume > $10,000)
c) The other traders qualify for random airdrops of $5 — $20 each
(Requirements: Trading volume > only…



Check out TV-TWO on https://tv-two.com

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