Medium is such an amazing opportunity!

Ideas, ideas, ideas

Medium is like food for those who love ideas. Anyone looking to change the world or just to explore something new should participate on the platform. It provides the opportunity to consume & create. For consumption, you can search and find articles on almost anything, explore recommended articles, recommend and bookmark for later. For publishing, it is a platform, providing the visual design and distribution capabilities out-of-the-box for authors of all levels. Publications offer interesting ways to interact with others. They also offer interesting ways for an author writing on multiple topics to organize their work into separate themes.

Share — spark thought in yourself and others!

I am getting into the writing habit by using Medium and the journey so far has been amazing. I was never a writer before at all. I have always been a voracious reader but writing not so much. I have always doodled and sketched and as more and more I found myself getting in the note taking habit. It wasn’t until I found Medium though that I was inspired to really delve into getting my ideas and opinions out into the world by writing. The platform has done so much to inspire me. This is my eighteenth post, I have a portfolio of articles I am writing actively and I have a long pipeline of upcoming article ideas. Start sharing now. You don’t have to jump right into your own articles either. So far those writing is feeling like it is a practice makes perfect art so the time to start is now.

Engage — pay it forward!

Engage with authors and other readers. Respond to articles or at least recommend articles. It helps everyone find things and it provides the author feedback on their writing topics.

The best time to share your idea is now, not later. The best way to learn how to write, is to write! Hopefully I will see more of you here on Medium!