Twake joins Medium — A new way to interact with you

At Twake, we are very excited to announce that we will use Medium as our new way to interact with our community.

Why Medium ?

We are convinced that Medium is perfectly suited to our needs, which are to share and be close to you all. We want to share stories with you, and today, we’re jumping right in.

Our current blog will therefore be replaced by Medium because there is already a large community interested in entrepreneurship. We can interact and learn together. Through a traditional blog, we could reach and interact with our community. But we couldn’t reach the entrepreneurial community. We want to produce quality content, relevant articles and not just blog articles like everyone else. That’s why Medium seems very promising to us in the way we communicate.

As a startup, we want to focus on users, in a service logic that is as professional and functional as possible. We also want to tell our stories about Twake, from the beginning to now. We aim to connect with our community and engage on the issues they care about, and explain our decisions. Through these interactions, we can move forward together.

Leave us notes, share, recommend, and write responses to our stories. If there is something specific you like or not, tell us. If there are topics you want us to address, tell us.

Introducing Dev Talks

In the coming weeks, we will introduce Dev Talks, which will be regular articles answering questions from the community and developers, explaining our development process and much more. We will discuss the different perspectives in the coming months, revealing our roadmap and some features planned for the future, going over every detail of the vision of Twake.

We always want to share as much information as possible on how we’re working on Twake. Transparency is key for a startup. The main objective of a startup is to create a product that meets a need that matters to users. We can not build this product without discussing with our users. So, we want to show the community how we’re acting on feedback and improving Twake. Dev Talks is one way we found to do this, but it will be followed by many other types of content.

And as we love you all …

We wanted to take this moment to say thanks for your support. We truly enjoy building this company and we love working with you. We can’t wait to double down and provide even more services for you in the coming months.

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We can’t wait to share all of this with you all very soon!

— The Twake Team